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The wine program at Nice Matin has been awarded the Grand Award of Excellence by the Wine Spectator Magazine since 2014.

Our wine program is inspired by the food, atmosphere and style of the restaurant, showcasing an extensive selection of international wines. The structure displays the wines of the world by country and region, emphasizing the importance of origin and sense of place in the expression of wine. Many of our offerings are the wines of small growers who have dedicated their lives to making traditional, sustainable wines that expressTerroir. The collection includes old and rare vintages, wines once owned by President John F. Kennedy, as well as the acclaimed collection from the renowned former New York City restaurant, Chanterelle.

Nice Matin is currently offering over 2,500 wine selections while still maintaining affordable selections in the $40-50 range in almost every category. We offer 25 food-friendly wines by the glass that change frequently, 80 half bottles, 30 dessert wines by the glass and over 100 dessert wines by the bottle, as well as a number of large-format bottles.

As a wine restaurant, a major focus of our program is offering mature wines that are ready to drink. Nice Matin is proud to present over 450 reds from vintage 2005 and older - all the way back to old Bordeaux from the 19th Century, in addition to hundreds more from the mid to late 2000s that are in a state of maturity. To compliment our Provençal menu, we offer over 150 reds and whites from Mediterranean France, including Bandols and Provence reds dating back to the 1980’s and 1990’s. We strive to show the character of a vineyard or a winery in different vintages, therefore you will find extensive “Verticals” and “Horizontals” across the wine list.

Nice Matin is fully dedicated to its beverage program: We serve seasonal cocktails made with only premium quality spirits and fresh ingredients, artisanal liquor selections and a beer list featuring the classics of Europe as well as the best beers of the American Craft movement. We proudly serve our own espresso blend, roasted locally and organic whole-leaf teas and tisanes. Our wines are served in five types of specialty glassware by Schott Zwiesel, and professional equipment for decanting, removing old corks and serving. Storage of wine is temperature-controlled.

Through weekly seminars, our skilled staff is continuously trained in wine, food and service. Apart from these seminars, the staff regularly tastes wines and there is a Sommelier present in the dining room seven days a week.

Though Nice Matin is a casual neighborhood restaurant, we strive through our selection and pricing to be the approachable restaurant for the wine connoisseur. As a proud Grand Award winner, we continue raising the bar, and strive to make the wine program at our restaurant something unique and remarkable.

Wine Director: Aviram Turgeman

Sommeliers: Wally Dunbar, Carson Pierpont & Gabriel Richter