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Andy D’Amico - Executive Chef / Partner

Chef Andy D’Amico has been charming New York diners with his cuisine for many years.

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, he first worked at The Parker House in Boston and then The Berkshire Hotel in New York. In 1982, he moved on to work as a sous chef at the Santos Family’s Sign of the Dove, one of New York’s prettiest and most romantic restaurants. While there, D’Amico truly thrived and was promoted to chef in 1985. A “3 Star” review from the New York Times was bestowed upon him soon after, exalting his use of the ingredients and flavors of Europe, Asia and the Middle East in his dishes.

The Santos Family continued to grow their company, with D’Amico playing a key role. Ecce Panis, the first artisan bread shop opened by a restaurant in New York, was one of their projects. For this retail outlet D’Amico developed retail items and specialty items for the holidays. D’Amico was also involved with Yellowfingers, Contrapunto and Arizona 206, which later became Bolivar, a restaurant that garnered a “2 Star” review from the New York Times.

Nice Matin found D’Amico partnering with Simon Oren (Marseille, Sushi Samba, L'Express, etc.). As Executive Chef / Partner, he traveled with Oren to Nice, France, while researching their project. Upon his return, D’Amico created an inventive menu full of items inspired by his trip – some classic in their presentation, and others with his very own interpretation. Critics applauded his choices, and he received “2 Stars” from The New York Times and Crain’s New York, and “2 1/2 Stars” from The Daily News and New York Post. In November 2003, he was named “Best Chef 2003” by New York Magazine food editor Gillian Duffy.

Most recently D’Amico has added Marseille, Nizza and 5 Napkin Burger to his culinary. As would be expected, the results have been purely D’Amico: delicious.

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